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February 2019

January 2019

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Forbidden Daddy

First thing’s first.

This is a zero judgment zone.
So when I tell you I hired a total babe as my boy’s nanny…
You won’t criticize my decision making skills.
There is one other thing…
Said babe is my best friend’s little sis - and I don’t know how the h*ll I’ll be able to keep my hands off her.

It’s been years since I last saw her.
And, boy is she all grown up.
Breathtaking eyes that can see right through me…
And luscious curves for days.

I can’t help but think about her putting my son to bed…
Only to sneak into my room after…
For one WILD night.


Pretend I'm Yours

Against my better judgment, I’m her hero now.

I couldn’t go back to the military after my injury.
My friends and I were at a club when I stepped in to save a girl from her crazy ex. 
The next thing I knew, I agreed to be her fake husband.
Now all I have to do is spend her money and pretend to be married to her.
It’s a sweet deal, but I’m having a hard time keeping my mind off her sweet ass.



I came back for her.

My best friend’s little sis.
She was innocent. 
Tempting as h*ll.
On prom night, she begged me to take her innocence.
Under the stars.
It was the best night of our lives.

And my best friend hated me for what I did.
He sent a gang to punish me.
Bruised and broken, I left town.
I did it to protect her.
Yet, I never forgot her taste, her smell, her sweet submission.

Now I’m back. 


Sweet Tooth

He’s the only thing sweeter than sin.

Once the love of my life but he couldn't give up his wild ways.
The closest thing to wicked in my life is the irresistible chocolate I sell in my shop.
Until my most delicious mistake comes back to town.
We were 18 when he crushed my heart. 
Now, he wants me back, and he’s all grown up.
I have a business to run, and a son to raise. 
I don’t have time for the one that got away. 
Never mind that he’s a millionaire now.
Never mind that he looks even more attractive with age.
Never mind that I remember the exact way he tastes...

December 2018


Training the Rookie

I was just a rookie.

I never knew how dirty a cop could be.
Until I had three of them in my bed at once.
When I started on the force, I knew I’d have a partner. 
I didn’t know Jeremy would be hot as hell.
Or that he’d have two brothers that are just as sexy. 
What I didn’t know turned out to be delicious.
They’re gorgeous, strong and protective. 
I never planned to get involved with all three of them
But I can’t keep my mind off them.

And they can’t keep their hands off me.


The Sexy Billionaire

I just came to dance.

But instead, I got in bed with the sexiest man there.

With that, my life changed.

I had to find him.


Pretend You're Mine

I can't believe I'm that girl.

I woke up next to a complete stranger.

To top that, hes my new husband.

He's a red-hot divorce lawyer with an ice-cold command.

Just pretend it’s real he says. 

He needs a fake wife for the holidays to get his family off his back. 

Maybe I can take this lemon and make lemonade.. 


Double Trouble

My men have me against the ropes and begging for more.

I’m an ER nurse. I play it safe. 
Until Jake and Owen walk in, all wicked sex appeal and prizefighter swagger. 
The Powers twins are identical in every way.
Jake’s a successful boxer, and Owen is his manager. 
Both ex-military, both alpha, both hot as hell.
The way they stroke my body with their eyes makes me feel things I haven’t since I lost my fiancé.


The Cabin

I’m trapped in a mountain cabin with a man.
Did I say man? I meant men; four of them to be exact.

My big brother’s best friends in the world, and my biggest fantasy come true.
In the Army, they were a true band of brothers, but when my brother died, they gave that loyalty to me. 
I’m going to need every bit of it to get through this blizzard and the mess I’ve made of my life.


Cuffed to my Roomies

My heroes wear blue… or nothing at all. 

It's my first night in the city and everything goes wrong.
I'm left to crash the night in my car. All alone on the side of the road.
Then, two gorgeous cops come to my rescue. 
Derek the sexy flirt. 
Brett the quiet and intense protector.

Sparks fly and we can no longer control our deepest, darkest desires.
Handcuffs, batton sticks... oh my!
My actions leave no alibi...

October 2018

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