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Sweet Tooth


He’s the only thing sweeter than sin.

Once the love of my life but he couldn't give up his wild ways.
The closest thing to wicked in my life is the irresistible chocolate I sell in my shop.
Until my most delicious mistake comes back to town.
We were 18 when he crushed my heart. 
Now, he wants me back, and he’s all grown up.
I have a business to run, and a son to raise. 
I don’t have time for the one that got away. 
Never mind that he’s a millionaire now.
Never mind that he looks even more attractive with age.
Never mind that I remember the exact way he tastes...
Like heaven. 
Like the road straight to hell. 
He’s relentless, romantic, everything I remembered and more. 
I can’t resist him. 
He’s the worst kind of temptation - but I almost believe it can work...

Until my son's father comes back and all hell breaks loose.

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