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The Cabin


I’m trapped in a mountain cabin with a man.
Did I say man? I meant men; four of them to be exact.

My big brother’s best friends in the world, and my biggest fantasy come true.
In the Army, they were a true band of brothers, but when my brother died, they gave that loyalty to me. 
I’m going to need every bit of it to get through this blizzard and the mess I’ve made of my life.
When they show up at a deserted mountain resort to save me from my abusive ex, sparks fly.
They are there to comfort me, to protect me, to shield me. 
And to beat the sh** out of anyone who would lay a finger on me again.
When my crazy ex kidnaps me and threatens my life, my guys will walk through fire to save me,
And the fire that ignites in my body when they do, will threaten to consume all of us.

Because once I’ve had all of them, one man would never be enough.

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