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Double Trouble


My men have me against the ropes and begging for more.

I’m an ER nurse. I play it safe. 
Until Jake and Owen walk in, all wicked sex appeal and prizefighter swagger. 
The Powers twins are identical in every way.
Jake’s a successful boxer, and Owen is his manager. 
Both ex-military, both alpha, both hot as hell.
The way they stroke my body with their eyes makes me feel things I haven’t since I lost my fiancé.
They rescued me when my date tried to drug me. 
They protected me like a pair of hot, filthy heroes. 
I tried to resist, but there was no turning back.
Every hard muscle feels like it was meant for me, for this moment. 
Forget what the world says. 
It’s insane that it feels so right.
And when I need saving once again, my boys are right there to deliver the knockout punch.

They might be the competitors, but I’m the winner in this ring.

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